Promo Mechanics: For every 2 pcs of any participating CST motorcycle street tire patterns and sizes the customer will get any of CST exclusive item for FREE. (please see PARTICIPATING DEALERS below)

Promo Duration: Promo runs from May 1 to July 31, 2022.




Tire Size Pattern Load Index Speed Symbol Ply Rating Fitment Configuration
60/80-17 CM619 27 P 4PR Tube Type
60/80-17 CM619 27 P 4PR Tubeless
70/80-17 CM619 35 P 4PR Tube Type
70/80-17 CM619 35 P 4PR Tubeless
70/90-17 ADRENO C6577 38 P 4PR Tubeless
70/90-17 C6558 38 P 6PR Tubeless
80/80-17 CM619 41 P 4PR Tube Type
80/80-17 CM619 41 P 4PR Tubeless
80/90-17 ADRENO C6577 44 P 4PR Tubeless
80/90-17 ADRENO C6577 44 P 4PR Tube Type
80/90-17 C6558 44 P 6PR Tubeless
80/90-17 C6558 44 P 4PR Tube Type
90/80-17 CM619 46 P 4PR Tube Type
90/80-17 ADRENO C6577 46 P 4PR Tubeless
90/80-17 C6558 46 P 6PR Tubeless
90/80-17 C6558 46 P 4PR Tube Type
90/90-17 CM619 46 P 4PR Tubeless
90/90-17 C6558 49 P 4PR Tube Type
90/90-19 C6559 52 P 6PR Tubeless
100/70-17 ADRENO C6577 49 P 4PR Tubeless
100/80-17 CM619 52 P 4PR Tube Type
100/80-17 C6501 52 H 6PR Tubeless
100/80-17 CM615 52 H 6PR Tubeless
110/70-17 CM621 54 S 6PR Tubeless
110/70-17 CM615 54 H 6PR Tubeless
110/80-17 CM620 57 S 6PR Tubeless
110/90-17 C6559 60 P 6PR Tubeless
120/70-17 CM615 58 H 6PR Tubeless
120/80-17 CM620 61 S 6PR Tubeless
130/70-17 CM616 62 H 6PR Tubeless
140/60-17 C6502 63 H 6PR Tubeless
140/70-17 CM616 66 H 6PR Tubeless
150/60-17 CM621 66 S 6PR Tubeless




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